About / What we do

About Us

Digital Ambience is a small software design and development services company that specializes in building mobile and web-based applications and visualization tools. We are passionate about combining great user interface design and modern software engineering to deliver compelling user experiences. We’re not a web design firm—our focus is on the design and development of applications, user interfaces, and components. We love building software that looks good and is fun to use.

We started out developing interactive Flash components, animations, and dynamic content for third-party web design agencies. A wide range of different projects—both large and small—were developed and each one was delivered on time, within budget, and with high levels of reliability and customer satisfaction. The recent popularity and growth of mobile computing has led to a shift in how users interact with applications and online information and we’re excited by the new opportunities this provides for us to improve the capabilities of the software we develop. Moving forward we will be devoting most of our attention to designing and developing software for delivering high impact user experiences on mobile application platforms like iOS and Android.

Our Focus

Mobile Applications

High–quality end-user mobile applications that are engaging, easy-to-use, and responsive on a range of different devices. We focus on designing and developing high-performance applications using native languages, tools, and frameworks in order to deliver the best user experience possible for each device. Sci:Pro Calculator is our first application for the iOS platform.


Proven software development using a wide range of languages, frameworks, and tool sets. We understand that great software requires more than just a pretty face and we bring over 25 years of software engineering experience and know-how to every project we work on.


Dynamic application–, web–, and user–interface design with exacting attention to detail. We combine pixel-perfect designs with fine-tuned user interaction to deliver high impact user experiences that maximize the capabilities of the devices they’re running on. We are never satisfied with a lowest common denominator type of approach.

Our Skills

iOS Development 95%
UI/UX Design 90%
Application Design 85%
Actionscript / Flash 70%
HTML / CSS 60%
Javascript/jQuery 60%