Sci:Pro Calculator v1.2.1 is now available

By Jerry News, Applications With Comments

The latest version of Sci:Pro Calculator (v1.2.1) is now available in the App Store. This version adds support for selectable display modes, new programmer-mode functions, bug fixes, and some other features that have been requested by users. The biggest change for existing users of Sci:Pro Calculator has been to the Programmer Mode layout which needed to be modified slightly to accommodate new function keys such as a modulo operator. Scientific and Basic Mode key layouts have not changed but now support a user-selectable display format setting that can be configured to use either Standard, Scientific, or Engineering notations.

Summary of changes in version 1.2.1:

  • Selectable Display Modes (Standard, Scientific, Engineering)
  • New Programmer Mode Functions
  • Delete/Clear Key Option (for Basic Mode)
  • Advanced Settings Panel
  • Bug fixes

Selectable Display Modes

A new Display Mode option has been added to the in-app settings panel that lets users select how numbers should be formatted when using the Basic or Scientific modes of the calculator. The following options are available:


Display numbers rounded to specified number of decimal places. Scientific notation is used for values that exceed the display size or precision. (Default Display Mode)


Display numbers using normalized scientific notation. (1 digit left of the decimal point, a specified number of decimal places, and an exponent).


Display numbers using engineering notation. (Value with a specified number of significant digits followed by an exponent that is a multiple of 3).

NOTE: Display mode settings apply to floating point values only and are not used when in Programmer Mode.

Programmer Mode Functions

The layout of keys in Programmer Mode has been modified slightly to accommodate some new functions. The following keys have been added to Programmer Mode on all supported devices:

  • Shift-Key
  • Modulo Operator
  • Parentheses Keys
  • Bit Count
  • Random(x)
  • X++
  • X--
  • Byte-Flip
  • Word-Flip

Delete/Clear Key Option

An new option for enabling a combined delete & clear key function in Basic Mode has been added to the in-app settings panel. When enabled, the clear key will act like the Delete/Backspace Key when pressed and released normally; it will behave like the Clear Key if pressed and held for a short duration. This functionality was added by an end-user request to improve the usability of Basic Mode which did not have a dedicated delete/backspace key. The Advanced Settings panel provides a setting for fine-tuning the length of time the clear key must be held down before a clear operation is performed.

Advanced Settings Panel

Sci:Pro Calculator now provides an Advanced Settings Panel that can be used to tweak some of the low-level behavior of the application. Advanced settings are located in the 'Sci:Pro Calc' section of the iOS Settings App. Most users will not need to change any of these settings. The following list contains some examples of what can be changed:

  • Display Zero Exponents
  • Display Trailing Zeros
  • Delete/Clear Delay
  • etc.

Available Now

Version 1.2.1 of Sci:Pro Calculator is currently available. If you like the app please be sure to show your support by rating each new version in the App Store—new downloads and ratings help to ensure the ongoing development and support of the app. Thanks!