Sci:Pro Calculator v1.2.5 Released

By Jerry News, Applications With Comments

An update to Sci:Pro Calculator has been completed and is now available in the App Store. Version 1.2.5 is a replacement for the recent v1.2.4 release that adds a fix for a problem with iPhone devices running with zoomed display mode. This update includes all the changes that were part of the v1.2.4 release including bug fixes, some minor new features, and full 64-bit code support for optimal performance on the latest versions of iOS. The updated app requires iOS version 8.2 or later to run. Users with older versions of iOS can continue to use Sci:Pro Calculator v1.2.3 but will need to upgrade to a newer version of iOS before using current and future versions of the app. Sci:Pro Calculator continues to be available at no cost and without advertising. Lots of thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bug reports, and feature requests while this version was being developed—I appreciate all the support. Sorry it took so long to get this update out.

Summary of changes in version 1.2.5

  • 64-bit support
  • Scientific notation for display, history, and e-mail values
  • Pop-up display mode selection menu (long-press gesture)
  • Fixed UI layout bug for iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+ devices
  • Fixed issue with iPhone devices running in zoomed mode
  • Code optimizations & clean-up
  • Expanded help/how-to information
  • Assorted bug fixes

64-bit Support

All the low-level code and libraries used by Sci:Pro Calculator have been updated to use 64-bit code. These changes are not visible to the user but will result in better application performance on the latest versions of iOS and iPhone & iPad devices. These changes should also remove any performance warning messages that were sometimes displayed by iOS when running older versions of the app.

Scientific Notation

Sci:Pro Calculator now displays values using scientific notation wherever possible rather than E-notation which was used in older versions of the app. While scientific notation is used by default in this new version of the app, users can revert to the original format by enabling the Use 'E' notation' option in the Settings Panel.

When scientific notation is enabled in the app it will be used for values shown in the main display area, in the calculation history, and in e-mail. For non-HTML e-mails generated by the application, a text equivalent is used rather than a formatted value: 1.2345x10^7 rather than 1.2345x107. Scientific notation is not used when copying and pasting values to and from the app—E-notation continues to be used in those cases since it has wider support in other applications.

Pop-up Display Mode Menu

Quick display mode changes are now possible without going into the Settings Panel. While using the Basic or Scientific modes of the calculator a long press gesture in the display area will reveal the Display Mode Selection Menu which can be used to view or change the current display mode. Selecting a new display mode option will immediately change the display mode used by the calculator while selecting the current display mode or tapping outside the menu will dismiss the menu without changing the display mode. This works for any of the display modes that can be selected in the settings panel: Standard, Scientific, and Engineering.

Fixed UI layout for iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+ devices

Despite a fix in an earlier version of the app, some users have continued to report UI layout problems while running Sci:Pro Calculator on the larger iPhone-Plus devices. While the exact cause of this issue has not been identified, all the related code has been reworked for version 1.2.5 and successfully tested on iPhone 6+, 6s+, and 7+ devices. Please let use know if you encounter any problems with the app not utilizing all the available display space on your iPhone 6+, 6s+, or 7+ devices. In addition, a display problem that popped up in version 1.2.4 for iPhone-plus users running with the display zoom setting set to 'zoomed' has also been corrected.

Code Optimizations

As part of this release a lot of the underlying application code was cleaned-up and optimized to use newer APIs and remove references to functionality that was deprecated by Apple in newer versions of iOS. These changes are largely internal and have had very little impact on how the app looks and behaves. However, the end result should be better reliability and performance when using the app on new versions of iOS and on the latest iPhone and iPad devices.

Expanded Help and How-to Information

The Help/How-tos information section has been updated to include information about application changes and new features. New reference information for Scientific Mode operator and function keys has also been added to provide a basic overview of what each key is used for. A Known Issues and Limitations section has been added to outline some user reported issues to be aware of while using Sci:Pro Calculator.

Available Now

Version 1.2.5 of Sci:Pro Calculator is currently available. If you like the app please be sure to show your support by rating each new version in the App Store—new downloads and ratings help to ensure the ongoing development and support of the app. Thanks!