Sci:Pro Calculator Bug Report

By Jerry News, Applications With Comments

A bug in Sci:Pro Calculator has been discovered that sometimes results in the wrong value being displayed after dividing one by some values. (e.g. '1 / 9 * 9 = 0'). This particular example turned out to be a bug in a string output formatting function that incorrectly displays zero instead of the correct value of one in some cases. This bug has been corrected and submitted to the App Store and the new version (v1.0.2) will be available as soon as it has been approved. We apologize for any problems this has caused anyone using the current release of the application.

Sci:Pro Calculator has gone through a lot of testing but some bugs undoubtedly remain. If you happen upon a bug while using the app please use our contact page to report it so that it can be fixed as quickly as possible. We're grateful to everyone who has reported bugs—especially those who have given us a chance to fix or respond to a problem before giving a bad review in the App Store—it's definitely appreciated.

The next version of Sci:Pro Calculator is almost complete and ready for testing. The new version (v1.1.0) will add full compatibility for iOS 7 along with some new features like in-app help that didn't make the first release. The update will also correct all known bugs in the current version of the app. This will be released as soon as possible.