Service Tycoon / Web Development

The ServiceTycoon website implementation was part of a redesign project undertaken for eMagine for one of their clients. Digital Ambience was engaged to implement their new site design for WordPress using custom theme templates and plugins that provided seamless operation within the standard site admin interface and with full functional integration with existing SEO tracking/analytics systems and customer tracking.

Requirements for the site implementation included creating templates (HTML/CSS), page content, interactive Flash animation for the home-page, and building or configuring WordPress plugins for handling dynamic forms and customer quotations. Additional features for utilizing third party ‘live chat’ functionality and integrating with SEO and CRM systems were also provided. This project was successfully implemented, tested, and deployed in eMagine’s hosting facility. Full documentation was provided for how to install and use the custom functionality provided for the WordPress environment.

Technical information

This site was implemented using WordPress custom page templates and plugins developed with a combination of client- and server-side technologies such as HTML/CSS, Flash, PHP, and Javascript. The primary effort focused on converting the Photoshop design template into a set of custom page templates that could be used to implement all of the page and navigation elements needed for the entire site. These were packaged as a custom theme that could be installed into WordPress and used with the built-in admin tools to maintain the site moving forward.

Secondary functionality included building some PHP plugins to facilitate integration of forms with the client’s system and SEO and CRM systems. An interactive Flash animation with embedded video playback capability was developed for the homepage of the site using Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Flash
  • Actionscript 3
  • Photoshop
  • Client: eMagine
  • Date: 2011